We produce eyecatcher...

Here we present a series of products, which we distribute under our own, as well as under private label.


Glamstripes Nail Wraps

The wafer-thin, self-adhesive Nail Wraps are very easy and super fast 

stuck on your nails.


The nail art adhesive foils have unique properties: super adhesive, still easy to
remove and residue. Our foils do your nails to an eye-catcher!


Our Nail Wraps have established themselves in the cosmetics area already and are enjoying increasing.


Particularly in the area of merchandising arising new possibilities to you here. Whether sports, music- or film industry, this is the ideal product for all 

female fans. But also for exhibitions or promotional events, you have in our Nail Wraps a good product, which immediately aroused and always a stir. Guaranteed! 


Our Nail Wraps are also specifically designed for children in appropriate sizes.


Lash Extension Powder - The revolution on the eye-lash market

With our Lash Extension Powder short lashes include of the past. The fine fibers condense and lengthen each lash and produce such a “false lash”effect. It is made considerably more volume.


The fibers are easily applied to the freshly inked lashes. False lash adhesive is one of the past! Can be used with any mascara (even waterproof) – repeated as often.


Wonder Lash Maker

The development of our Lash Extension Powder! Here was the focus specifically on longer lashes, placed instead on volume.


Wonder Lash Maker = More Lenght


Lash Powder Extension = More Volume


Both products can be used with any mascara.


French Liner

French manicure at home. Perfect nails in minutes.


Lip Tattoos

A real eye-catcher for special occasions! Our temporary tattoos are tested and declared to be safe!


Stick with the help of water to the lips and with a little oil just as quickly shut. The tattoos take hold even eating and drinking – one whole night long!


This article has also joined most of merchandising! At the last European Football Championship 2012 and World Cup 2014, face painting was very popular by the supporters.



Newspaper simply means with a transfer fluid to transfer to the nails. We print on newspaper with individual patterns and motifs. In all colors or in classic… black & white.


Paper Lashes

Very thin paper motifs make every blink to an eye catcher.


Velvet Eye Liner

The alternative to traditional eyeliner pencils. This very thin special coating designs foils are stick on the skin.


Transfer Films

These thin metallic films can be applied with a glue, clear- or nail polish on the nail.


3 D Nail Effect Glitter

3D glitter effect on the fingernail. Simply apply with a nail polish.


Nail Pearls

Small colorful beads can be applied with a nail polish on the nail. Also know as Caviar manicure.